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3D geolocation is about to transform gaming, service delivery, and more

10:00am PDT Wednesday, May 26th, 2021

The location technology commonly used in mobile apps and games has been restricted to a flat, 2D world – until now. New geolocation technologies enable accurate vertical location at scale for the first time – and so accurately that it can pinpoint what floor you’re on in a skyscraper. The technology is unlocking a tremendous number of opportunities. Food delivery services like UberEats and DoorDash can improve user experience with pinpoint-accurate delivery. Car services can find your exact location in an airport. And the technology can unlock urban areas for AR games by making vertical space accessible – i.e. fixing the position of a player in vertical environments, such as skyscrapers, apartment buildings, or malls. To learn more about the transformative impact of 3D location on mobile apps, gaming, AR, and more join the discussion with the industry leaders who are driving the next generation of location technology in this VB Live event! Attendess will learn: ? How 3D geolocation is disrupting the world of location technology, delivering new user experiences and improved operational efficiency ? How leaders in the mobile app, gaming, and AR space will use vertical location in the next generation of location-based services ? How the vertical dimension will impact the wider location ecosystem, including mapping, visualizations, and UI/UX Speakers: - Sarah Burslem, Head of Business Development, EMEA, Niantic - Chris Gates, SVP of Corporate Development and Strategy, NextNav - Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, GamesBeat (moderator) - More to come!

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